Yodeck not affected by log4j / log4shell vulnerability

Yodeck not affected by log4j / log4shell vulnerability

We have been receiving a lot of inquiries around the security issue announced for the log4j framework. The log4j vulnerability called "log4shell" does not affect Yodeck in any way.

The log4j vulnerability affects software that uses the Java programming language, specifically those using the log4j logging framework. At Yodeck, all of our software, including our servers and players, do not use Java anywhere. This means that you were safe from this vulnerability from day zero.
Furthermore, we closely monitor all new vulnerabilities announced and immediately apply security updates for all components used within Yodeck as a "hotfix". That means that critical security updates are released ASAP, outside of our regular 6-week release cycle. We have done so in the past, and we continue to do so in the future, without requiring customers to do anything.
At Yodeck, we invest heavily in keeping your business safe and secure. We are the only digital signage provider certified under ISO-27001, a top-notch international certification around security. We employ specific security protocols and processes while implementing features to keep you safe even in the remote event of a security breach. You can read more details on our security page, and you can always reach out and let us know of any additional questions you may have!
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