Dashboard Overview

Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard is where you can have an overview of your account and check that everything is running smoothly. The following basic info on your account is provided:
  • Changes pushed button (upper left corner of the Dashboard in the Yodeck portal). If everything is ok with your account, this should be black. If Yodeck requires your attention, this button will become orange.
  • "Monitor Status". The “Monitor Status” table shows the number of Online, Offline, Registered and Unregistered monitors of your account.
  • "Subscription Plan". The “Subscription Plan” table shows the plan that you are subscribed and the total number of licenses you have bought.
On the right side of your dashboard you can find an interactive map that shows the location of your monitors. If you point your mouse cursor on top of a location on the map you will also be able to see the status and the name of your monitors.
Click the orange question mark at the bottom right corner and a new window will appear with various options. You can submit a ticket, chat with a team member or visit our online documentation among other
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