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    • Recent Articles

    • I bought the players from you. How do I preconfigure them with WiFi credentials?

      Preconfiguring my newly bought Yodeck players First, we would like to thank you so much for your business! We are very happy to have you on board! Upon placing and finalizing your order, you have 5 hours to preconfigure your player(s) with the WiFi ...
    • How do I display SharePoint on my screen?

      Any dashboard of your choice, including SharePoint dashboards, web pages, feed, can be displayed on the TV screen. The Yodeck player can display any web-page or dashboard out there.  Reach out to our support by clicking the ? icon on your personal ...
    • I have a restricted network. Which ports do I need to whitelist for the Yodeck players?

      We have detailed ports lists that you need to whitelist for the Yodeck players to have unrestricted access to our servers. Please reach out to our support, and we will share the relative details as soon as possible.
    • Do you support Vimeo videos?

      Of course we do! Vimeo is a video hosting, sharing, and services platform provider. Vimeo focuses on the delivery of high-definition video across a range of devices.  Kindly, check this article here for more details and how to add a Vimeo video.
    • Do you provide SSO(SAML) authentication?

      Of course we do! The Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), is an XML-based standard used to exchange authentication and authorization information. SAML was developed by the security services technical committee of the Organization of the ...
    • Recent Topics

    • How is PIR/External I/O Trigger Development Progressing?

      Hi YoDeck, You have mentioned that you are working on the development for external I/O triggering of content and playlists for such items as PIR's, Switches, and other Sensors, and in mid-'21 you were hoping for '22 release. How is development progressing? 
    • Calendar Of Events

      When I add the ICS link to the Calendar of Events widget, the calendar does not refresh. The calendar is showing morning events in the afternoon. How do I get it to refresh to match the time of day?
    • Pir motion sensor

      Is there a way to start a video triggered by a pir motion sensor? My project needs are very basic when the sensor is idle , the player shows a video or an image, when the motion sensor triggered by a person , the player shows another video or image. 
    • Player not updating

      Morning. Although my player is shown as online I am not able to update the content. The players says the content is out of date. Any ideas??
    • Advanced use of scripting

      I am experimenting a bit with web scripting.  At the moment I am looking for a bit more advanced scripting and I would like to see how in general javascript and web scripting is integrated. For example, many webpages today start off with a "cookie agreement
    • Web Player bugs

      I gave the new Yodeck Web Player a try. It was just released this month, and still has the "Beta" label. So as one might expect, I can confirm it's pretty buggy. I wanted to give visibility to the remaining bugs since it seems they've not been listed
    • Black screen

      After the orange "yodeck"-startscreen, nothing els happens and it´s just black screen. 
    • Showing a Jira Service Management dashboard?

      Has anybody succeeded in using Yodeck to show a dashboard from Jira Service Management? Any widgets currently being developed for this specific purpose?
    • Twitter Widget url with picture support

      I want to use a Twitter feed with news articles to show as Widget. Now all the tweets are embedded with an URL and short text and picture, these aren't loading. This option would be really useful.
    • How can I integrate images from a network share?

      Hi! Is it possible to integrate media from a network share? We have content on a network share, and we can't use Dropbox or Onedrive. Or can we put content via SCP on the player? Best wishes Stefan
    • Increased Performance - Less Lock-ups/MisLoads

      Hi been using Yodeck on my art project for well over a year- love it but have had some significant performance issues.  Mind you some of my layouts are jammed full of widgets, media, etc- I really pushed on taking it to the brink.  What I've noticed is
    • Web Scripting

      The end result I want to achieve is to login to Facebook and show a clients photos, scrolling every ten seconds. I am stuck on the Facebook login page. the username field highlights but no test is entered. I have tried all three sample scripts in the
    • Support for POE+ hat

      Hello all! We use POE hats on all of our signage players, and upon the news of the official and updated POE+ hats coming out, I ordered a handful. The current Yodeck image is "Raspbian" Buster and kernel 5.4.51, however it seems at least kernel 5.10.17
    • Starting screen

      I would like to change the starting screen we see when we turn on the display I would like to put my logo instead of the yodeck logo In the past you told me how to do it but I can't do it anymore
    • Dynamic Material

      Does Yodek support having both dynamic (a dashboard on a website) and static slides at the same time?
    • Automatically Shutdown

      HI, On 3 out of 4 Raspberry yodeck, we get a problem of automatically shutdown. We need to reboot them several times and then suddenly it stays on.... Please help Ivan
    • Yodeck on Raspbian

      How implement yodeck on raspbian.
    • nonworking widgets

      Hello! I noticed a few of the widgets don't work. The two I found are: Google Traffic - It loaded once, but never again. It sits there and spins indefinitely. Twitter - It errors out every time, regardless of pointing it to an account or hashtag: "Could
    • Monthly Repeat

      Is there a way to schedule content to repeat monthly, say the 2nd Friday of each month? I only see a way to schedule monthly as the x day of each month.
    • Yodeck Player Android App

      Hello Yodeckers, Yodeck is overall a great signage product. It has all needed features which a modern signage system should have. Just one idea or improvement comes to my mind. Is there a plan to develop a Yodeck Player Android App so that instead of
    • Recurring events

      Would be great to have a way to create a recurring playlist x times a day for x mins per play added to a schedule. 
    • Not Fully Developed

      I had weighed the pros & cons of yodeck with other digital signage and thought that the features it purported to have and the pricing were definitely middle of the road, and would be a good fit.   However, the more I work with the widgets, I keep getting
    • How to change default duration for images.

      Is there a way to change the default duration of images and documents?  5 seconds seems a little fast. Thank you. Marc.
    • WiFi Wizard: Woo hoo! What "version" player does it work on?

      First off, I don't know how I missed it, but very happy to have discovered the WiFi Wizard. Also happy it works with both a corded and cordless keyboard! :) Today I re-imaged a player using the 10/13/2020 image, and Dashboard says I'm on software version 37.89.1.
    • Dropbox support for subfolders?

      Will the Dropbox playlist search subfolders within the Yodeck folder?  For instance, if I have 5 departments /subfolders each with images, will they all be found and displayed? Thank you
    • Yodeck Community

      This is a great resource, thanks for add it! I hope many people get involved.
    • yodeck player

      Does anyone know how long to exspect before receiving yodeck player?
    • Welcome to Yodeck Community!

      With this Community hub, we will build a powerful community around our business, and of course, we will need your help to do that! In order to do that you need to create an account on our community hub here. After doing that, click the Add Topic button

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