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    • Recent Articles

    • What type of Service Level Agreement do you provide?

      Kindly, click the below link to check our Service and Tech Support Response SLAs. Link to article here!
    • What is the Yodeck Web Player?

      Think of the Web Player as one more way of getting Yodeck digital signage on your screens. Specifically, if a device, such as a tablet or PC, has a Chrome-based web browser, including Chrome, Chromium and Edge, then the Web Player can turn it into a ...
    • Do you support Tizen Players?

      Of course we do! Please click here on how to install the Yodeck Software to your Tizen player.
    • Does your player support portrait mode?

      Of course they do! Edit the player of your choice by clicking its name. In the Basic tab, click the monitor orientation button and select the proper mode. Save the player's form. The player will take up to 1 minute to finish the configuration. Please ...
    • Do you support non-profit organizations?

      Of course we do! Kindly, check this link here for more details.
    • Recent Topics

    • Wifi Setup Won't Take Keyboard Input at Password Prompt

      My player disconnected from wifi and I've tried going in to the wifi setup but after I enter the username the password prompt doesn't respond to any input from the keyboard other than to reset the cursor flashes with any keystroke. I have tried reflashing
    • Monthly Calendar Times

      Is there a way to remove the times from the monthly calendar entries brought in by Google Calendar? The day calendar square is too small to show any content more than the start and end time of an event. For all-day entries, "12:00 AM - 12:00 AM" is all
    • Raspberry pi_Failure in working

      We have purchased 5 Raspberry pi´s, last week we tried to start using last one of them in the office but unfortunately it is not working. As shown in the attached image, I am experiencing 2 issues: USB ports are not working. (tried all 4 ports to connect
    • Problème de configuration

      Nous sommes commandé un boitier Yodeck et rentré les parametres WIFI avant l'expedition comme demandé. Recu ce jour nous l'avons branché. Apres le lancement nous avons un écran noir. Nous avons bien testé dans le SETUP du boitier qu'il soit bien connecté
    • Beach Linen Rentals Policies: Deposits, Returns, and Replacements

      Beach Linen Rentals strives to provide exceptional service and comfort for your beach vacation. Our policies ensure a smooth experience for all guests. A deposit of 50% is required at the time of booking, with the remaining balance due upon arrival. A
    • nonworking widgets

      Hello! I noticed a few of the widgets don't work. The two I found are: Google Traffic - It loaded once, but never again. It sits there and spins indefinitely. Twitter - It errors out every time, regardless of pointing it to an account or hashtag: "Could
    • Best screens for outdoor use

      (non-profit) I'm using a dual screen setup in a library, one screen faces inwards and is fine, the other faces the window and is hard to view, especially as the outside reflects off the window. I need a brighter/higher contrast screen but outdoor screens
    • Biweekly Scheduling

      I am looking for a way to schedule layouts on a bi-weekly basis. I can go through and make a one time event for every occurrence, but was wondering if any of the experts had a better route for me. I'm looking for one layout for a two hour block on the
    • Daily Calendar Display - Mix/Max Time

      I have been working to modify the .js files to solve what seems like a simple problem. The daily/weekly calendar widget retrieves and displays on-screen from 12:00 midnight to like 12:00 pm.  Since I only work from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm, this causes the
    • Insert a Playlist on that Layout, that Playlist already has a Layout...

      Hello to all, First, sorry for my poor english, I usually (only)speak french... Thanks in advance. As you see in the title, I'm facing an issue. As it is write on the Yodeck Website : When you create a Layout, a custom one, or from a template, you cannot
    • Multiple Items Scheduled at the same time on the same Monitor

      Update: this is on me... it looks like the test monitor I'm working with is set for the wrong time zone. I need to play with this some more, but it's the weekend. So it might be a case of "nothing to see here", but I won't know until next week (I do see
    • Weather Widget

      I am getting a black screen for around 3 seconds when it switches to my 3 day weather widget. I am connected to Ethernet. All the other widgets are working properly. Anyone else have this problem? 
    • Internet Radio

      Hi all, is there a way to have internet radio playing in the background at all? Thanks CAWFC
    • Changing to a different Pi

      I received another Raspberry Pi that was used in another Yodeck sign. This Pi is newer and has more memory than the one I use now. I want to swap to the newer Pi and keep my current signage. How can I switch to my newer Pi?
    • Problems in a 9 screeen setup

      Today I tried to test and deploy a semi-complex installation. INfo about my setup: - running 9 monitors - each monitor has a looping video - eact unit was based on a pi 3 a+ (wifi only), this was obviously the big mistake, but it was client who imposed
    • Google Slide Widget - Stuck on "Loading Widget"

      I noticed that you cannot set/calulate a duration for the google slide show widget when using it in a playlist. This causes the widget to get stuck on an infinite loop and not continue to the next item in the playlist. There is also the issue that when
    • The urge for a mind-altering experience is common in apes and humans

      Have you ever played a merry-go-round game? It's a game where you spin deliberately? I am sure you did, that used to be everyone's favourite game growing up. What if I tell you that it's not only your favourite game but also your ancestors? You heard
    • Interactive Touch Layouts

      It would be great to have the possiblity to create interactive Touch Layouts with some small logic (like links to other pages) behind it or at least to have the possibilities to control PowerPoint presentations (change slides) or PDF documents (change
    • How is PIR/External I/O Trigger Development Progressing?

      Hi YoDeck, You have mentioned that you are working on the development for external I/O triggering of content and playlists for such items as PIR's, Switches, and other Sensors, and in mid-'21 you were hoping for '22 release. How is development progressing? 
    • Canva export to yodeck (and partner sites)

      Would it be possible to make an integration app in canva.com, so files could be uploaded straight from canva.com to yodeck/whitelabel sites? https://docs.developer.canva.com/apps/quick-start Thanks, Mikkel
    • Pir motion sensor

      Is there a way to start a video triggered by a pir motion sensor? My project needs are very basic when the sensor is idle , the player shows a video or an image, when the motion sensor triggered by a person , the player shows another video or image. 
    • How to Make ical feed more than current month?

      How can I make the Calendar Feed display the current month plus the upcoming month?
    • Web Scripting login

      I have an info site i want to display on various units. But i keep running into a problem with the script not wanting to log on to the site i am logging in to. The log in is this pop up that comes up. This is how my script looks like: click("""Username""")
    • Webpage requires logging in periodically

      I have a layout that requires logging in every couple of days. Is it possible to write a script that includes the SSO information?
    • Google Slides Black Screen

      We have just setup a Player (Pi 4 1gb) at a new site. It consists of the following: Clock Widget Twitter Widget Google Slides Widget Text Ticker After a few hours the Google Slides widget will go black, the only way to fix is with a restart. I have also
    • Pull content/data from Excel Sheet

      Our Office of Admissions has a digital sign in their foyer and we use it to display the name and hometown of all of our scheduled visitors for the day. With our old signage software (FourWinds) we had an Excel spreadsheet on a shared network drive that
    • Add twitch to Player

      Hey there, whats the best way to Embed Twitch.tv via Iframe the problem i get stuck on is, whats the Parent Url for the Twitch iframe Link  Example: <iframe src="https://player.twitch.tv/?channel=yodeck&parent=www.yodeck.com" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="true"
    • Increased Performance - Less Lock-ups/MisLoads

      Hi been using Yodeck on my art project for well over a year- love it but have had some significant performance issues.  Mind you some of my layouts are jammed full of widgets, media, etc- I really pushed on taking it to the brink.  What I've noticed is
    • Tableau Widget

      Our company has been working with the Yodeck software for around two months now and for the last few weeks have been utilizing the Tableau widget in our playlists to display company metrics on dashboards. As of Monday our widgets no longer display on
    • Keyboard Input for Webpage in a Playlist

      Hello.  I am trying to setup a digital signage solution for the volunteer fire department I volunteer with.  We use Active911, which is an app that alerts us of calls, their location, details, etc.  They also have a webview option to where we can view
    • Duration of Youtube live stream video incorrect and cannot be edited

      After yesterdays (2022.11.03) system update, all Youtube live stream videos show a duration of 0 seconds in the playlist editor - and this duration cannot be changed. Adding a new Youtube live stream video to a playlist results in a duration of -1 seconds.
    • Auto Refreshing Photos

      Does anyone know a way to display auto-refreshing photos?  I want to make an album that I swap photos daily to rotate in a slideshow.  I've figured out how to use the embedded code widget to use a Google Photos share link but it will only rotate through
    • Display a PDF uploaded on a Website without the sidebar

      I got a regular updated pdf file that is updated on a Website. So I added this Website to Medias, added it to the playlist of the regarding Screen. The problem is how it´s displayed. There is the typical browser sidebar, where you can zoom-in and out
    • Monthly Calendar (Current and 1 month ahead)

      Is there a way currently to embed or display more than one calendar with one of the calendars being offset by 1 month? Example: It is currently November so I would like to show this months and next months calendars for appointment availability.
    • Showing a Jira Service Management dashboard?

      Has anybody succeeded in using Yodeck to show a dashboard from Jira Service Management? Any widgets currently being developed for this specific purpose?
    • Video playback unreliable

      If I integrate the following Infoscreen https://www.tagesschau.de/infoscreen/ as a website, the video will play without any problems (preview). The video is irregularly not displayed on the player.
    • Shutdown via Scheduler

      I have my Yodeck running on a Raspi. To reduce energy consumption, I installed a hardware timer to switch power off at 9pm. Is there a way to shutdown the Raspi via Yodeck scheduler at 8:30pm, like I can do it in Monitors Actions. 
    • Data Studio - Login witch GoogleAccount and MicrosoftOnline (SSO)

      Hello guys. I'm testing DataStudio Widget and after logging with the Google account, I'm redirected to my company's microsoftonline (SSO) login, that is, in the first email information from Google, it goes to the second part through MicrosoftOnline .
    • Youtube subtitles.

      Hi! I want to add a youtube video to the media library, but this one has subtitles already provided on youtube, but they do not show up when the video is played via yodeck - is there some way to get the subtitles to activate when playing in yodeck?
    • Dual screens

      I want to display on dual screens (in a library) - i.e. facing both ways. I'm wondering whether to add an HDMI splitter to my current RPi3 or get a RPi4 with dual HDMI (and will this work?)

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