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    • Recent Articles

    • My organization is tax-exempt. How do I get my tax exemption form?

      If your organization is tax exempt, please follow the steps below: First, send us an email at sales-tax@yodeck.com Upload your tax exempt certificate by clicking on the link we will share with you via email. Upon confirmation on our end, we will ...
    • How can I add a layout inside a playlist?

      With our latest feature, you will be able to display your Layouts in a playlist directly to your TV screen using the Yodeck player. The only thing you have to do is to create the layout of your choice and add it to a Playlist with a few simple ...
    • Does the Yodeck software image work on the Pi 400?

      Yes, the Pi 400 will work just fine with the Yodeck software! Feel free to flash the SD card using the below guide. https://www.yodeck.com/docs/creating-a-yodeck-player/player/
    • How do I display my employees birthdays on my screen?

      Quick Intro  Nothing’s more heartwarming than when someone wishes you a happy birthday out of the blue. With our new widget, you can make your team members feel just as   valued on their special day. Plus, it’ll warm the cockles of your HR ...
    • I bought the players from you. How do I pre-configure them with WiFi credentials?

      Pre-configuring my newly bought Yodeck players First, we would like to thank you so much for your business! We are very happy to have you on board! Upon placing and finalizing your order, you have 5 hours to preconfigure your player(s) with the WiFi ...
    • Recent Topics

    • Dual screens

      I want to display on dual screens (in a library) - i.e. facing both ways. I'm wondering whether to add an HDMI splitter to my current RPi3 or get a RPi4 with dual HDMI (and will this work?)
    • Content in iframe not displaying

      I've created a series of web pages to display dynamic data - but this one does not display on player, gives an error message from source in each iframe (host page is fine) - I wondered if it needed to supply a browser type/version to work (url works on
    • Music - Spotify

      Can you link a Spotify live stream or music account to a player so i can underlay music on layouts? 
    • Meraki custom script

      Tech support recently provided me with the following custom script to use with Meraki.  This script will automate the login and refresh of the screen.  I also altered the script to use the Exclude command, which will exclude all other content except the
    • Pull content/data from Excel Sheet

      Our Office of Admissions has a digital sign in their foyer and we use it to display the name and hometown of all of our scheduled visitors for the day. With our old signage software (FourWinds) we had an Excel spreadsheet on a shared network drive that
    • Changing text size in calendar events feed

      I'm new to yodeck, but I'm stumped on how to change the text size on the events calendar feed.  We are trying to use 2 iterations of the widget to display a menu calendar by day and the daily activities and both show fairly small text. I can adjust the
    • Adjust Date/Time

      Is there a way to make the widget or player act as though it is a different date and/or time than it actually is? For example, if I'm setting up something to happen on a specific date/time, is there a way to make the player act as though it was that day/time
    • Bulk upload on Playlist

      Good Day Yodeck  Just want to find out if one day the will be a feature to do bulk uploads on playlists 
    • LG TV Browser playing in 1920x1070

      Currently on a free subscription playing around with Yodeck. Currently displaying the screen on my LG TV's browser. It updates perfectly, but it seems it has low resolution. Normally it should auto detect, but is there a way to change this to 4K? As I
    • Google Slides Black Screen

      We have just setup a Player (Pi 4 1gb) at a new site. It consists of the following: Clock Widget Twitter Widget Google Slides Widget Text Ticker After a few hours the Google Slides widget will go black, the only way to fix is with a restart. I have also
    • image resolution for 4k TV display

      Getting reading to roll out project. It has 65" TV's (4K 3840x2160). Photographer's images are 2400 x 1600 150dpi). We're using RPI 4, 4GB Model B. I know the PI 4 supports 4k natively, but just wondering if I should resize image to match screen resolution
    • Custom RSS feed (XML)

      We are exploring Yodeck to see if it fits our company's needs. Everything looks good and easy to use except . . . We have some internal RSS feeds which produce XML tables to display our interest rates.  (See custom feed image for the data it produces.)
    • Custom widget Help

      hi  ----------------------------------------- The Code and folder Structur https://codeshare.io/oQ6lYM ----------------------------------------- i have build a custom widget to get data from inputfield in widget setting . App ID : 7001 all is working
    • Showing a Jira Service Management dashboard?

      Has anybody succeeded in using Yodeck to show a dashboard from Jira Service Management? Any widgets currently being developed for this specific purpose?
    • Black screen

      After the orange "yodeck"-startscreen, nothing els happens and it´s just black screen. 
    • Embed widget - working in preview, but not on player

      I'm trying to use the Embed widget to show a playlist from an internet radio station. The code is generated by this website: https://onlineradiobox.com/widgets/?cs=de.bobmetalcore#playlist-de-bobmetalcore When using the preview feature for a playlist
    • Image Transitions do not work in a playlist within a playlist

      Hi All Love the image transitions you put in a while back.  And I realize if there's any overlap with a transparent object the transitions will not work in a layout.  But it seems that when I have a working image transition playlist, when I put that playlist
    • Accept cookies - how?

      Dear Sir or Madam, I have the problem that I am not able to press the "Accept Cookie" button on our customers website. In the documentation there was always an ID for the html object. Does this function also work without an ID? Or is there another possibility?
    • Advanced use of scripting

      I am experimenting a bit with web scripting.  At the moment I am looking for a bit more advanced scripting and I would like to see how in general javascript and web scripting is integrated. For example, many webpages today start off with a "cookie agreement
    • Webpage custom scripting does not work when using refresh option

      I have a custom web script that excludes all other selectors and successfully only shows the selector/content I want.  However, if I turn on refresh, once the refresh option takes place all webpage content returns to the screen and the custom script does
    • Play latest video from a Youtube account?

      I would like my Yodeck player to show the latest released Youtube video from a certain Youtube account - without me having to change the playlist to include that specific video. Is there a way to do this automatically whenever a new video is relased?
    • Power BI Performance

      Hello everyone, We are using Yodeck in order to display some PBI reports and dashboards on large screen. Using touchscreen you should be able to navigate through dashboards and reports, only the response time is incredibly slow and the load sometimes
    • UDP Multicast video corruption....

      Hi.... We have ~20 Yodeck Pi's deployed on our network and I am having trouble getting a UDP multicast video stream to work as outlined in a URL on the Yodeck website: https://www.yodeck.com/news/any-hdmi-device-asvideo-infor-yodeck/ Using the same setup
    • Message / News feed

      I do not see a widget that would allow us to add a message to the display. We sometimes need to put out information about schedule changes due to weather, an announcement about a promotion, or some other bit of info for our employees. Is there a way to
    • Calendar Events Feed that doesn't cut off at the bottom

      Hi, I'm looking to add a calendar event feed in a layout that won't have the widget take up the whole screen vertically. Because of this the events at the bottom cutting off look pretty bad. Any suggestions on how to fix this?
    • Logitech K400+ wireless keyboard doesn't seem to work?

      I'm pressing CTRL+ALT+F12 with a Logitech K400+ Wireless keyboard and nothing is happening.  Batteries are good.  I've tried bringing the keyboard all the way to the media player to see if distance was the issue.  Do these wireless keyboards just not
    • Quick Signage

      We have used the player for a little more than two years in the lobby of a condominium building.  Our problem is creating and updating playlist takes too much time and moderate technical skill.  Typically, updates take 15 minutes from start to finish.  
    • Queue Management System to use with Yodeck?

      I'd like to use a Queue Management System with Yodeck. The idea is to display videos in the "main" zone while displaying QMS info on the side and/or bottom, like in the picture below. How would I go about this? Does anyone have a recommendation of a QMS
    • Delivery status

      hi, Can you please help me confirm when i can receive my order delivery status or from where i can check. Order number: 115263
    • Using Web Scripting Engine

      I am attempting to use the web scripting engine within yodeck so I can login to view a dashboard for a phone system. It uses a form. I have gotten the selectors for each input box. However, when the webpage loads it redirects to a different webpage. I
    • Web site cookie confirmation

      I have added a website to my presentation but when it loads it asks whether cookies are accepted and I have no way of confirming. Doe anyone know what I can do to get it passed the cookie prompt? Many thanks
    • Starting screen

      I would like to change the starting screen we see when we turn on the display I would like to put my logo instead of the yodeck logo In the past you told me how to do it but I can't do it anymore
    • Issues with Search feature on website

      There's something I noticed a little while ago regarding the search bar at the top. It seems to not really return proper results, so I don't know if it's a Search issue or perhaps it's putting the results in an unexpected location. For example:  If I
    • Playback navigation buttons

      I'm looking for a way to add simple play navigation to a RPi Yodeck display - Back / Pause / Forward. I assume this would use GPIO pins on the Pi. Is this possible? I'm keen to try capacitive sensors so it will work through glass as well (ie screen and
    • Daily Calendar Display - Mix/Max Time

      I have been working to modify the .js files to solve what seems like a simple problem. The daily/weekly calendar widget retrieves and displays on-screen from 12:00 midnight to like 12:00 pm.  Since I only work from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm, this causes the
    • Interactive Touch Layouts

      It would be great to have the possiblity to create interactive Touch Layouts with some small logic (like links to other pages) behind it or at least to have the possibilities to control PowerPoint presentations (change slides) or PDF documents (change
    • Easily switch content on matrix setups

      Hi team, we have a video wall setup with fifteen screens (five rows of three screens in landscape mode) and would like an easy way to save content assignments to the fifteen. Some use case examples: - A "preset" in which each screen loads a particular
    • Keyboard Input for Webpage in a Playlist

      Hello.  I am trying to setup a digital signage solution for the volunteer fire department I volunteer with.  We use Active911, which is an app that alerts us of calls, their location, details, etc.  They also have a webview option to where we can view
    • Template option in playlists

      Hello, I'm new to Yodeck and am loving how intuitive it seems to be to setup.  I'm using the player to create two screens that are essentially portfolios of our work.  I've setup templates that display different categories using the same background and
    • Not seeing Registration Code screen

      Hello My player boots to the initial screen that shows you the network info and a screen ID, but then all 3 players I have just stop there. It never shows me the Registration Code. Am I missing something? Is there some keyboard shortcut I need to press

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