What do I need to qualify as a Yodeck Partner?

What do I need to qualify as a Yodeck Partner?

You just need to be an IT or Digital Signage professional who provides Digital Signage solutions to other companies. That's it.

Of course, there is a minimum billable volume for Resellers and another for Whitelabel Partners, but these are low. And any difference between actual volume and minimum billable volume is reimbursed as soon as you go above this required volume, so you will not be losing any money.

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    • I want to use Yodeck for my own customers!

      That is really great! We are establishing the Yodeck Partner Network, comprised of IT and Digital Signage professionals around the world that will use Yodeck as the technology to provide complete turn-key solutions to end-customers. We have 3 levels ...
    • Do I need to get a Yodeck Player to use Yodeck?

      No. You can: Buy a Raspberry Pi yourself Buy a case, power adapter, HDMI cable, and an SD card Download our Software image Write it to the SD card Assemble everything together A complete guide how to do that can be found here. But why do that? A ...
    • Does the Yodeck software image work on the Pi 400?

      Yes, the Pi 400 will work just fine with the Yodeck software! Feel free to flash the SD card using the below guide. https://www.yodeck.com/docs/creating-a-yodeck-player/player/
    • I have a restricted network. Which ports do I need to whitelist for the Yodeck players?

      We have detailed ports lists that you need to whitelist for the Yodeck players to have unrestricted access to our servers. Please reach out to our support, and we will share the relative details as soon as possible.
    • Does Yodeck support a web-based player?

      Of course we do! Think of the Web Player as one more way of getting Yodeck digital signage on your screens. Specifically, if a device, such as a tablet or PC, has a Chrome-based web browser, including Chrome, Chromium, and Edge, then the Web Player ...