What about support?

What about support?

Yodeck provides constant online support for all users. Just login to your account and drop us a line. We’ll help you out ASAP! Our support hours are Monday to Friday 09am-01am CET.

In fact, even free accounts get support for FREE, we just respond to paid account requests first before handling requests from free accounts.

If you have a large project that has special requirements, or requires on-site presence and deployment services, contact us.

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    • Live Video Streaming Support

      The Yodeck Raspberry Player supports IP Video Streaming from several websites and custom streams through different protocols. Streaming Sites and Protocols Supported Under the hood, we use an awesome software called Streamlink. It currently supports: ...
    • What types of documents does Yodeck support?

      The following document formats are supported by Yodeck: PDF files Microsoft PowerPoint PPT and PPTX files (we already support importing them as Videos) Microsoft Word DOC and DOCX files Microsoft Excel XLS and XLSX files   These documents are ...
    • How do I support my customers?

      If you are a Reseller (or a Whitelabel Partner), you get access to a Partner Account. This special account allows you to login as any user of any of your customer Accounts. This way, you can login and see exactly what your users see, so that  you can ...
    • Does Yodeck support monitors mounted vertically?

      Yodeck supports both horizontal and vertical monitors! In each layout , you can specify multiple layouts for different monitor aspect ratios and orientations. Each Player will pick the layout version that better fits the specific monitor connected to ...
    • How many monitors does Yodeck support per account?

      You can have as many monitors as you need! Yodeck uses scalable technologies that can support tens of thousands of monitors under a single Yodeck account. Really!