I want to use Yodeck for my own customers!

I want to use Yodeck for my own customers!

That is really great!

We are establishing the Yodeck Partner Network, comprised of IT and Digital Signage professionals around the world that will use Yodeck as the technology to provide complete turn-key solutions to end-customers. We have 3 levels of Partners:
  1. Affiliates - you just bring in sales leads, either through ads/banners or through direct contact, and you get a recurring affiliation fee, nothing more
  2. Resellers - you resell Yodeck subscriptions at a discount, while accessing a Partner Account on our backend to support your customers
  3. Whitelabel Partners - you get everything a Reseller gets, plus your custom branding on our Portal, no mention of the Yodeck brand, and your own custom pricing
Contact us and you could be the next Yodeck Partner!
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    • Can I use Yodeck for my customers without being a Reseller?

      Short answer: Of course, but not on the Free Plan. Here are the relevant quotes from our Terms of Service: One person or legal entity may not maintain or use more than one Free Account. You must use a single Account for all monitors that you manage ...
    • Can I change from being a Reseller to a Whitelabel Partner?

      Yodeck allows a Partner to easily switch from being a Reseller to operating as a Whitelabel Partner, and the opposite. Flipnode LLC will evaluate each switch request and proceed with a custom proposal for the switch. Many Partners choose to start as ...
    • What are the different types of Yodeck Partners?

      Yodeck AffiliateAffiliates direct sales leads to https://www.yodeck.com/, or may directly sign up customers on the Yodeck platform. After the customer has reached the Yodeck site or app, affiliates have no interaction with the customer. Affiliates do ...
    • How do I support my customers?

      As a Reseller or Whitelabel Partner, you have access to a special Partner Account that grants you the ability to log in as any user of your customer Accounts. This Partner Account allows you to see exactly what your users see, making it easier for ...
    • Does Yodeck support a web-based player?

      Of course, we do! Think of the Web Player as one more way of getting Yodeck digital signage on your screens. Specifically, if a device, such as a tablet or PC, has a Chrome-based web browser, including Chrome, Chromium, and Edge, then the Web Player ...