Can I use Yodeck for my customers without being a Reseller?

Can I use Yodeck for my customers without being a Reseller?

Short answer: Of course, but not on the Free Plan.

Here are the relevant quotes from our Terms of Service:
  • One person or legal entity may not maintain or use more than one Free Account. You must use a single Account for all monitors that you manage through the Service. Using multiple Free Accounts (which allow only one monitor to be managed) to manage multiple monitors is not allowed.
  • In the case that you are using the Service to serve your own customers, then you are obliged to inform Flipnode about the services you provide using the Service and to whom you provide them to, along with any other information you may be requested by Flipnode. You may be asked to sign a partnership agreement in order to continue your business as above.
  • The Terms of Service apply in whole to (i) the Account Holder, (ii) users the Account Holder has provided access to the Account, and (iii) end-customers and end-users that may receive services through the Service indirectly by a 3rd Party acting as a Reseller or Partner.
Essentially, what that means is that you are very welcome to provide Yodeck-based services to your customers, but they must be on a paid account, even if they only use 1 Monitor. To do that, there are two options:
  • You (or your customer) should subscribe to the Monthly or Annual Plan for 1 (or more) screens, using a credit card, as if the customer was buying directly from us.
  • You can contact us and get a Reseller Account (or Whitelabel), which will allow you to resell the service to your customers. We will bill you (through an invoice) and you will bill your customers.

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