What will happen if I cancel my subscription?

What will happen if I cancel my subscription?

First of all, we will be sad to see you go 😢.

To cancel your subscription, you can go to the subscription panel and set the number of monitors to 1, deactivating all other monitors from your Yodeck account.

If you want us to completely remove your account and media from our servers, drop us a line and we will do so.
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    • What about Internet outages? What will happen to my monitors?

      Content displayed on your monitors is downloaded and played locally. In an event of Internet outage, Yodeck-enabled monitors will continue to work fine, at least for 30-35 days. But you will not be able to change what gets displayed until Internet ...
    • When my players will be shipped?

      Generally, the Yodeck players will take up to 3-4 business days until the package leaves our supplier's warehouse. Upon making your order, you will also receive the tracking number of your order by email. Bear in mind to check your spam folder for ...
    • What happens if a charge for my subscription fails?

      We want to make sure that charge failures do not mess up with your deployment. Monitors are usually in public view, so we want to be careful and discreet. If a charge fails, an automated email will be sent to your designated email address notifying ...
    • When will the Yodeck Player be available for purchase?

      Yodeck Player has been available for purchase (or for FREE, through annual plans) since January 26th, 2016!
    • What happens if I want to reduce my active monitors? That is, downgrade my plan?

      You have to delete the monitors that you no longer require. Players of deleted monitors will be de-registered and the monitors will constantly display a relevant message, waiting for registration. If you downgrade without deleting the extra monitors ...