What is better to use with Yodeck, a PC monitor or a TV set?

What is better to use with Yodeck, a PC monitor or a TV set?

Let's see some pros and cons!

TV Sets


  • TVs come in large sizes. It is relatively cheap to get a 32"-55" sized TV set.
  • Almost all TVs have HDMI inputs, so it is easy to connect them to a Yodeck Playbox (or any other type of player).
  • TVs also have speakers, so you can also use audio.


  • TVs (up to 24") are generally more expensive than computer monitors.
  • TVs cannot be powered off simply by deactivating the display port (HDMI/VGA/DVI port).
  • Some TVs (e.g. LG) cannot be powered off at all, even via HDMI-CEC. So, you cannot power them off easily. See the HDMI-CEC vendor compatibility matrix.
  • TVs have remotes. In case you want to leave them unattended, you must deactivate the remote receiver, or a prankster might use a remote to fool around.

Computer Monitors


  • Computer monitors are cheap, cheaper than TV sets, especially below the 24" size range.
  • Most units tend to be lighter than TV sets.
  • There are no remotes, so it is not easy for someone to play around with the monitor.
  • All computer monitors support power on/off.


  • Computer monitors generally do not have speakers.
  • Computer monitors larger than 24" are usually more expensive than TV sets. And more rare. It is difficult to find a computer monitor larger than 32", and if you do, it is insanely expensive.
  • Not all computer monitors have HDMI inputs. So, you might need a HDMI-to-DVI adapter to connect a Yodeck Playbox to them. (VGA-only monitors are now rare, so let's skip them)


If you have a new installation, then we suggest:
  • Computer monitors, if you need up to 24" in size (with or without speakers, depending on your needs)
  • TV sets, if you need panels larger than 24", but make sure that the vendors supports Power On/Off via HDMI-CEC. See the HDMI-CEC vendor compatibility matrix.  
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