Reset all Settings on your Player

Reset all Settings on your Player

To reset all Settings on you Player, you need to delete a file from the SD card of the Player. This will force the system to apply the default settings.
Keep in mind that if your Player requires some special network configuration in order to get online, you will lose Internet connectivity. This might render the Player unreachable and you might end up going on-site and performing manual configuration.

For Regular Users

  1. Power off your Player (by removing the power cable).
  2. Remove the microSD card from your Player.
  3. Access the microSD card with your PC. You might need a microSD-to-SD card adapter, or a USB memory card reader.
  4. You will see one or more storage filesystems. On the first one (the smallest, around 100MB of space), you will find a file called "SETTINGS.txt".
  5. Delete the "SETTINGS.txt" file.
  6. Remove the microSD card from your PC.
  7. Place the microSD card into your Player.
  8. Power on your Player.
Upon start-up, the Player will apply all default settings to the system. It may require up to 10 minutes and a reboot might occur.

For Advanced Users

If you have remote (SSH) or local shell access, just issue these two commands:
In order to SSH your player follow this guide here.
  1. sudo rm -f /boot/SETTINGS.*
  2. sudo reboot
  Upon start-up, the Player will apply all default settings to the system. It may require up to 10 minutes and a reboot might occur.  

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