Player's Status

Player's Status

The Yodeck player now has 5 status. Its status represents a specific state.

Let's see in more detail each status and what that means for your player.

The player can reach your account, and therefore you can remotely make any content changes you like.

The player is not able to reach your account, and therefore you can not interact with it. The most common causes are:
  1. Wireless Connection:
    1. Check if the credentials have been changed to your access point/router, and the player cannot authenticate anymore with this wireless network.
    2. The access point/router has been moved, and the player cannot reach it due to the far distance.

       Quick Solution: Use the WiFi wizard tool to connect the player to your access point/router) again.

  2. Wired Connection:
    1. Make sure that the Ethernet cable has access to the internet. You can quickly test it out by plugging the Ethernet cable into your laptop and see if you can surf the internet.
    2. If the issue persists, try another known working Ethernet cable.

The player is trying to pair with your account after typing the registration code. In the next couple of minutes, the player should appear online and display the assigned content on the TV screen.

The player is trying to upgrade its software. This procedure normally takes up to 5 minutes to be completed. In some cases, if the network speed is too slow, it might take up to 2 hours.
If the player is in the Upgrading state for more than 1 day, please reach out to our support, and we will take care of the issue.

This means that the specific monitor entry is waiting for a registration code to be typed in the Registration field to start the pairing sequence. 

This means that the specific player cannot be used anymore because you downgraded your account, and now the maximum players you can use are fewer than the ones you had.
For example:

I had a subscription with 5 players. I downgraded my account's subscription to manage 2 players. The rest 3 players will be disabled, and you cannot make any changes to them.
Also, they will start displaying a message on the TV screen that they have been disabled.
These players are not deleted from your account. Upon upgrading your account's subscription again to 5 or more players, you can use them again.

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