I have a restricted network. Which ports do I need to whitelist for the Yodeck players?

I have a restricted network. Which ports do I need to whitelist for the Yodeck players?

We have detailed ports lists that you need to whitelist for the Yodeck players to have unrestricted access to our servers.

Generally, the players must have unrestricted access to the below list.

Firewall Exceptions Required for restricted networks:



                  Usage & Comments



IoT hub used for communication with Players from the Yodeck Platform



Software Updates repository – no HTTPS required since packages are digitally signed



Scheduling Information and Media Downloads


Scheduling Information and Media Downloads 



[optional] Used by our Support Team for advanced remote troubleshooting



[optional] Used by some of our Widgets requiring online info (currently: Weather, Twitter)

Keep in mind that the repo.dsbackend.com and AWS domains will resolve to multiple IP addresses. 
  1. You can find those IP addresses using this guide: https://aws.amazon.com/premiumsupport/knowledge-center/s3-find-ip-address-ranges/

In case you are using IP-based firewalls, then, besides the above, you will also need to add the following IP to your firewall exceptions: and

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