How do I connect the Yodeck player to WiFi?

How do I connect the Yodeck player to WiFi?

To connect your player with your wireless network, please follow the below steps:
If you do not have an Ethernet cable to use, please use the WiFi Wizard instead by following this guide here.
    1. First of all, connect the Yodeck Player with an Ethernet cable.
      Ethernet cable
    2. After the Yodeck player come online in your dashboard, enter your wireless network's WiFi credentials in the Yodeck Portal.
      (Edit Monitor -> Network). 
      WiFi portal
    3. Keep in mind that WiFi network names are case-sensitive. If you make a single letter mistake, the Yodeck player will not be able to associate with your WiFi network.
    4. After clicking "Save," a blinking message "Configuring" will display at the bottom right of your screen. Please do not unplug or reboot the Player in this state.
      When the message disappears from your screen, you can safely remove the Ethernet cable. 
    If the WiFi credentials are correct, the Player should connect to your wireless network without any issues. Unplug the Ethernet cable and try to make some content changes to ensure that the Player responds to the new content changes via your wireless network.

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