Do I need to get a Yodeck Player to use Yodeck?

Do I need to get a Yodeck Player to use Yodeck?

No. You can:
  1. Buy a Raspberry Pi yourself
  2. Buy a case, power adapter, HDMI cable, and an SD card
  3. Download our Software image
  4. Write it to the SD card
  5. Assemble everything together
A complete guide how to do that can be found here.
But why do that?
A Yodeck Player is probably cheaper than assembling a Raspberry Pi -based player yourself. And if you decide on an annual subscription, we give you all the Yodeck Player you need for FREE.

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    • Does Yodeck support a web-based player?

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      Yes, the Pi 400 will work just fine with the Yodeck software! Feel free to flash the SD card using the below guide.
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