What are the requirements for using Yodeck?

What are the requirements for using Yodeck?

Here are the minimum requirements for Yodeck:

  • Yodeck is an online service, so you need an Internet connection to sign in and manage your monitors yourself.
  • A Yodeck-supported playback device is required for each monitor. We currently support the following options:
    • Our very own Yodeck Player (recommended) comes free with our Annual Plan
    • A Raspberry Pi (preferably version 4), which you buy yourself and can setup yourself using this guide
    • Android, BrightSign, Tizen, WebOS, Windows and Amazon Firestick. The full list of the supported devices can be found here.
  • Internet connectivity for the Yodeck Player devices installed, usually wireless (WiFi) or wired (LAN).

✅Yodeck is completely  FREE for one monitor! So you can easily check it out and see if it suits you!

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