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How to create a simple Video-wall with Yodeck

Yodeck video wall


You can build a really affordable and impressive video wall setup using Yodeck Players. You need to configure each of your screens manually. To do that for simple matrix-like video walls, like 1x3, 2x2, or 3x3, is really easy.

Steps in Yodeck

Different Video wall matrix
First, follow the steps in the "Steps in Yodeck" section, and then get the percent you need to crop each video in the Matrix Setups or Tiled Setups section, depending on your video wall configuration.

Here are the steps you need to follow to configure a Video-Wall in Yodeck.

  1. Create 1 Video entry for each screen
    1. Go to the "Videos" section. Click "Add Video"
    2. In the pop-up that appears, select "Video" 
    3. Type in a Name, e.g., "TV 1 Top Left"
    4. Activate the "Crop Video" toggle
    5. Fill out the cropping required for each screen to only display the necessary part of the video. Initially, you can leave all 4 fields at 0% to test it out


      For a 2x2 video wall, I need to crop the "TV1 Top Left" video, as shown in the image below. 

      Based on your screen configuration, check out the Matrix Setups or Tiled Setups section to see the percentages you need to specify in the cropping field.

      crop video

    6. Click   " Save"
    7. Repeat this Video creation process for each screen in your Video-Wall

  1. Create 1 Playlist for each screen
    1. Go to the "Playlists" section, click "Add Playlist" and choose the "Classic" one
    2. Type in a Name, e.g., "TV 1 Top Left"
    3. Add the "TV 1 Top Left" video inside the playlist
    4. Enable the Syncing Feature

      Syncing Feature limitations

      Please check this article here to check the limitations that this feature currently has. These limitations will be lifted in our next releases and, of course, will not critically affect your video wall setup.

      Syncing players

    5. Click "Save"
    6. Repeat this Playlist creation process for each screen in your Video-Wall

  2. Assign the Playlists to each Monitor as the Default Content. Make sure you remove any scheduling temporarily, just for testing it out. Later on, you can do scheduling if you want to.

  3. Click the "Push to Players?" button

Matrix Setups (NxN)

Simple setups for matrix Video-Walls (2x2, 3x3) are easy in Yodeck, especially if you do not consider the bezel compensation.

For example, for a 2x2 Video-Wall, you need to specify:

  • Top-Left feed cropping: Top: 0%, Bottom: 50%, Left: 0%, Right: 50%
  • Top-Right feed cropping: Top: 0%, Bottom: 50%, Left: 50%, Right: 0%
  • Bottom-Left feed cropping: Top: 50%, Bottom: 0%, Left: 0%, Right: 50%
  • Bottom-Right feed cropping: Top: 50%, Bottom: 0%, Left: 50%, Right: 0%

Here is a diagram for a 2x2 video wall:

Video crop

Here is the same for a 3x3 Video-Wall:

Video crop

You divide 100% by N and set each feed cropping percentage accordingly for any N-by-N Video Wall.

Tiled Setups (NxM)

By "tiled," we mean matrix setups that are not NxN, e.g., a 3x1 "ribbon-like" setup:

Percentages are calculated in the same way as if the Video-Wall was an NxN setup, including the missing screens. You need to place your content in the Layout editor's right area since the rest will not be shown.

Video crop

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