Configure Workspaces

How can I configure Workspaces within my account?

Quick Intro

Workspaces provide an advanced way to set up detailed access permissions. With Workspaces, you can assign users specific access rights to specific content items (Media, Playlists, etc.) or specific Monitors. The Workspaces feature allows you to define multiple sets of Content + Screens and then assign users access rights for these sets.

Imagine you are a company with multiple branches, each with some screens. You want to manage some of the content centrally and allow your local store managers to partially manage some content (e.g., playlist) based on their local audience. This is a typical case where you set up one Workspace per local store and assign each manager access to the matching Workspace while giving an HQ employee access to all Workspaces.

The Workspaces feature is flexible enough that it allows you to implement any kind of access restriction scenario. If you have difficulty setting it up on your own, please reach out, and we will help you optimize your use of our Enterprise Plan.
More details on how to create and manage workspaces under your Yodeck account can be found here.

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