How do I register a Yodeck player?

How do I register a Yodeck player?

Free Players with our Annual Plans

Plug 'n Play
Yodeck comes with all the Yodeck Players you need for FREE! No need to install software, manage PC units, ensure compatibility, and so on. For each screen you are managing under any annual plan, you will be receiving a free plug 'n play Yodeck Player. And it will come pre-configured, with network settings, WiFi, etc. all ready to be used!

I purchased the players from you

If you have ordered the Yodeck players from us, the players will be shipped pre-configured with your account's settings. They will auto-register and pair with your account when they have an internet connection. There is no need to worry if you do not see a registration code on the screen from a pre-configured player. Check this How-To Video for more details.

I have created a Yodeck player on my own

How-To Video
We do have a How-To video as well on how to register a DIY player. Click here to watch the relative video.

Step-by-Step Guide

First of all, you have to connect the Yodeck player with your network and your TV monitor.
If you do not have an Ethernet cable to use, please try the WiFi Wizard instead by following this guide here.
  1. Connect the player to your network (router/switch) by using an Ethernet (LAN) cable.
    Yodeck player connected with an ethernet cable
  2. Connect the player to your TV screen by using a mini-HDMI-to-HDMI cable. Use only the left HDMI port as shown below.
    yodeck player
  3. Power ON the player by plugging the PSU cable to a power socket wall. 
When you Power ON the player (while connected to the internet and with the HDMI cable), you will see an 8 digit registration code on your TV after a few minutes. 
‚ÄčIt will be an 8-digit code like this example: "1234-5678".
If you don't have a created a monitor entry in your Yodeck account yet, create one by clicking:
Monitors-> +Add Monitor
  1. Type a Name for your monitor
  2. Type the Registration code displaying on your TV screen in the relative field as shown below
  3. Assign as Default content any Media/Playlist/Layout of your choice
  4. Click the Save button
After that, the player will pair with your account within 1-2 minutes.  After a while, you will see it online on your dashboard, displaying the assigned content!register a player

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