Does Yodeck support monitors mounted vertically?

Does Yodeck support monitors mounted vertically?

Yodeck supports both horizontal and vertical monitors!

In each layout , you can specify multiple layouts for different monitor aspect ratios and orientations. Each Player will pick the layout version that better fits the specific monitor connected to the Player. This way you can have one layout that can be managed and assigned into monitors with different sizes and orientations.

The standard aspect ratio is 16:9 (used by "Ultra HD", "4K", "Full HD" and "HD Ready" screens), which is a horizontal layout. You can add the 9:16 layout (the same monitor sizes, but rotated). You can also add other aspect ratios, to fit other monitor sizes, like the older standard of 4:3 monitors

What’s great is we also support customizable aspect ratios and resolutions, too. It’s an especially helpful feature if you’ve got non-standard sized screens and LED matrix displays.

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    • How many monitors does Yodeck support per account?

      You can have as many monitors as you need! Yodeck uses scalable technologies that can support tens of thousands of monitors under a single Yodeck account. Really!
    • Does Yodeck support monitors of all sizes?

      Yodeck software supports any resolution, thus any monitor size. From 640x480 VGA monitors up to the latest 4K TVs, all monitors will work fine. It is best to choose a widescreen monitor with an aspect ratio of 16:9 (like “HD Ready”, “Full HD” or “4K” ...
    • What TVs or monitors does Yodeck support?

      Yodeck supports any type of monitor, of any resolution (Full-HD, HD-Ready, or any other). The service was designed based on the primary resolution of 1920x1080 (dubbed “Full HD” or “1080p” in the TV industry). The content is automatically adapted ...
    • Does Yodeck support a web-based player?

      Of course, we do! Think of the Web Player as one more way of getting Yodeck digital signage on your screens. Specifically, if a device, such as a tablet or PC, has a Chrome-based web browser, including Chrome, Chromium, and Edge, then the Web Player ...
    • How does Yodeck support powering on and off monitors and TVs? Are all monitors and TVs compatible with this feature?

      The Yodeck Player (or Raspberry Pi in general) includes a CEC adapter on its HDMI monitor port. CEC is a standard communication protocol supported by most major TV manufacturers. It allows for a playback device (the Yodeck Playbox) to power on, power ...