Do you provide Transition effects?

Do you provide Transition effects?


The most wanted feature is finally released! All users now have the ability to have transitions between images. You can pick more than 25 different transitions and of course control the transition speed as well. The transition effects can be easily configured within your playlist by enabling the relative option.

Image Transition Type

You have the option to choose 25 different transition types as shown below:

Transition effects

Image Transition speed

You can select how fast the transition will occur from one image to another.
  1. Slow: 3-second transition
  2. Medium: 2-second transition
  3. Fast: 1-second transition 
  4. Custom: Configure how long the transition will occur from one image to another.


We are improving the Transition feature day by day, but for now, there some limitations that you need to consider.
  1. Transitions are available only between images.
  2. You cannot have transitions between images to videos or images to any other media.
  3. If you decide to add a playlist to a layout, do not enable the transparency option on that layer. Transitions will not work with the transparency option enabled.
  4. Transitions are not available for 4K resolution yet. 

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