Can I use the Composite output instead of the HDMI?

Can I use the Composite output instead of the HDMI?

Yes you can.

First, make sure that you have written the Yodeck SD card image onto an SD card.

Then, do the following steps, in the exact order specified:
  1. Power off your Pi.
  2. Put the SD card into your PC and open the file called:   config.txt
  3. Delete all content and paste only the following:

    initramfs yodeck_initramfs.img 0x01000000

  4. Log into Yodeck portal.
  5. Go to "Monitors" and edit the Monitor in question
  6. Go to "Advanced" tab
  7. Enable the "Allow Raspberry config.txt Override" toggle button
  8. In the "Raspberry config.txt Override Directives" textarea, you will have to insert the following:


  9. Click "Save".
  10. Boot your Raspberry Pi and proceed with registering it in your account.
You should now see output on the composite port of your Pi.
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