Can I have an annual plan on Yodeck?

Can I have an annual plan on Yodeck?

Yes, you can! Just select our Annual Plan!
Remember: Annual Plans come with to a FREE Yodeck Playbox for each monitor in your subscription! Check out all of your options at our Pricing section.
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    • How can I change my subscription monitor capacity or Plan?

      You can easily change the monitor count (subscription capacity) and billing and Plan through our online wizard. First, please access your subscription section by clicking on the "Upgrade" option from the top right-hand drop-down menu ...
    • Does the Yodeck software image work on the Pi 400?

      ✅ Yes, the Pi 400 will work just fine with the Yodeck software! Feel free to flash the SD card using this guide.
    • Does Yodeck support a web-based player?

      Of course, we do! Think of the Web Player as one more way of getting Yodeck digital signage on your screens. Specifically, if a device, such as a tablet or PC, has a Chrome-based web browser, including Chrome, Chromium, and Edge, then the Web Player ...
    • What are the requirements for using Yodeck?

      Here are the minimum requirements for Yodeck: Yodeck is an online service, so you need an Internet connection to sign in and manage your monitors yourself. A Yodeck-supported playback device is required for each monitor. We currently support the ...
    • When will the Yodeck Player be available for purchase?

      Yodeck Player has been available for purchase (or for FREE, through annual plans) since January 26th, 2016!