Bypassing Video Re-encoding (As-Is Upload)

Bypassing Video Re-encoding (As-Is Upload)

All Video files you upload to Yodeck, go through re-encoding (also known as "transcoding") to ensure that the Video will be playable on the Player. Our Players only support the industry-standard H.264 video format (codec), so we make sure all videos are delivered to Players in this format.

Re-encoding the Video files may result in a slight loss of clarity. Usually, video quality is preserved just fine. But in cases where you want the best possible result, you might need to use the original file you uploaded instead of the re-encoded one. 

Your file must be encoded in the 
H.264 format (codec), up to High Profile, Level 4.1 - which translated up to 1920x1080 resolution at 30 FPS, or even 60 FPS. You can try even higher levels, but that depends on the file. Make sure you test a sample of your content first before deploying it. 

We support almost all containers, including MP4, TS, MKV, etc. Audio is handled by software, so any codec should be fine.

If you need to enable this option, drop us a message and we will enable it for you.

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