Adding an Image

Adding an Image

Using the "+ Add Image" button, you can upload an Image to Yodeck.

When you click the "+ Add Image" button, you are requested to provide the following:
  • an Image File, where you select the image file from your computer to be uploaded or Import an image from URL or search Stock Images from our online gallery for any image your like. Yodeck supports all popular image formats, including JPEG, PNG,SVG and GIF.
  • "Name" is the name of the image, which you set. This is used to identify the Image, and it is shown in image lists in other sections. Make sure it is something short but identifiable.
  • "Description" is a description of the image, which you set. This usually includes more details on the image, any notes you want to save, etc. This field is optional.
  • "Tags" if you like to use this image to a Tag based-Playlist.
Fill out the above fields and click the "Save" button to upload the file.

IMPORTANT: The file upload may take some time. You can continue to work while the file is being uploaded. If the upload have not finished or it fails, you will not be able to apply changes you make.
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