What about Internet outages? What will happen to my monitors?

What about Internet outages? What will happen to my monitors?

Content displayed on your monitors is downloaded and played locally, ensuring uninterrupted playback even during an Internet outage. With Yodeck-enabled monitors, you can feel confident that your content will continue to be showcased for at least 30-35 days without any disruption.

During an Internet outage, you may not be able to make changes to the content being displayed until Internet access is restored.

However, rest assured that your monitors will continue to function flawlessly, showcasing the pre-downloaded content without any interruptions.

In the rare event of a prolonged Internet outage (more than 30 days), Yodeck-enabled monitors have a built-in fail-safe mechanism. In such cases, the monitors will temporarily black out and display a discreet but informative message to keep your audience informed about the situation. This ensures that even during extended periods without Internet access, your monitors will remain active and provide valuable information to your viewers.

Yodeck's reliable and robust system allows you to confidently deploy your content on monitors, knowing that they will continue to operate seamlessly even in the face of unexpected Internet outages. With the assurance of continuous playback and the ability to communicate important messages during prolonged outages, Yodeck provides you with a reliable solution for your digital signage needs.

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