How do I add background audio?

How do I add background audio?

Please check the below article for more details on how to do this.

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    • What types of audio files does Yodeck support?

      Yodeck supports many popular audio format types. The Audio formats that the player is supporting right now are the following: AAC MP4 M4A MP3 OGA OGG WAV
    • Audio does not work, I have no sound from videos

      If you have a Yodeck Player (or a Raspberry Pi), then probably your Player thinks your monitor does not support audio. Sound is sent to the analog mini-jack instead. First, make sure that you check the following: Your monitor does support sound. PC ...
    • How can I add a layout inside a playlist?

      With our latest feature, you will be able to display your Layouts in a playlist directly to your TV screen using the Yodeck player. The only thing you have to do is to create the layout of your choice and add it to a Playlist with a few simple ...
    • What happens if I want to add more monitors? That is, upgrade my plan?

      You can add as many monitors as you want, up your subscription limit. If you have reached the limit of active monitors for your subscription, then you will not be able to add any new monitors. Just upgrade your subscription with the new number of ...
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