Yodeck Player Android App

Yodeck Player Android App

Hello Yodeckers,

Yodeck is overall a great signage product. It has all needed features which a modern signage system should have.

Just one idea or improvement comes to my mind. Is there a plan to develop a Yodeck Player Android App so that instead of using the Raspberry Pi as the player HW an Android App could be used?
The idea is generated because there are a lot of Signage Displays available which have a build-in Android Player. If there would be a Yodeck App I could install it on the Android System of the screen and run my show through this app. In some installations (e.g. outdoor battery powered signs) there is no space and/or no installation possibility of a Yodeck player (Raspberry Pi). In such cases it would be awesome to use the build-in Android OS and a Yodeck player app.

Thanks for any feedback in advance and maybe this would be a future improvement of Yodeck.