YoDeck and AWS/QuickSight

YoDeck and AWS/QuickSight

I am considering implementing Yodeck at our company.
We would need to display (and periodically refresh) dashboards available in Amazon QuickSight. Those dashboards should be made visible on a couple of screens within the company.

I am unsure if the login of QuickSight and AWS is compatible to yodeck.

To login with QuickSight you have to first enter your account name on the QuickSight page. Then you have to enter an username (in my case a AWS IAM User) and you are then redirected to https://signin.aws.amazon.com/ where you have to enter the password to the IAM account. Upon entering this PW you are then redirected to the QuickSight dashboard that you initially requested.

Can you please walk me through how to implement this login procedure with yodeck (if at all possible). We would be using a couple of Raspberys - I imagine those clients would all need to have the credentials?!

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