Welcome to Yodeck Community!

Welcome to Yodeck Community!

With this Community hub, we will build a powerful community around our business, and of course, we will need your help to do that!

In order to do that you need to create an account on our community hub here.
After doing that, click the Add Topic button and write down your ideas, suggestions, issues, etc.

You can post 4 types of content within our community. These are: 
  • Ideas
  • Questions
  • Problems
  • Discussions
Each of these serves a particular purpose. When you have something to discuss with us, you can post a discussion within our community. It's a great way to debate and collaborate with other users as well and of course with us.

You can ask specific questions about our business, within our community hub. We will answer these questions as soon as possible!

Problems are issues that you face when you interact with our business. You can describe the exact problem(s) they faced and give you actionable insights. You can convert the 'problem' into a support ticket and even keep you updated on its status.

Ideas from you often lead to new directions for our business. Feel free to share your ideas within our community. Let other users vote on your ideas and let there be real democracy within our community.

Happy to have you on board!