Web Player bugs

Web Player bugs

I gave the new Yodeck Web Player a try. It was just released this month, and still has the "Beta" label. So as one might expect, I can confirm it's pretty buggy.

I wanted to give visibility to the remaining bugs since it seems they've not been listed elsewhere. I hope this helps the Yodeck team, as well as those not sure if the Web Player is actually ready yet.

Note that I'm a new Yodeck user with no experience with the Raspberry Pi player. I'll assume bugs I've faced are player-specific, but they may be general Yodeck bugs.

Bugs I've found:
  1. In a Layout, the location and size of elements is significantly different between the editor, the preview feature, and the final result (all three are different!).
  2. Layout preview sometimes fails to load some elements and remains stuck in an half-loaded state.
  3. Pushing content to a Web Player is broken. No matter how many times you push content or restart the player, it will often fail to update content. The only reliable way to update the content I've found is to delete the player from the dashboard, then to reconfigure it (every time you need to update content...).
  4. The monitor's "Content status" is not always accurate.
  5. Some of the player settings such as Location and Timed Events don't save, so these features are impossible to use.
Overall the Web Player is a very promising feature, and I'm glad Yodeck is working on it, but I'd avise against using it professionally while it's in this beta state.

I'm curious to hear what's the planned release date for the stable release.