UDP Multicast video corruption....

UDP Multicast video corruption....


We have ~20 Yodeck Pi's deployed on our network and I am having trouble getting a UDP multicast video stream to work as outlined in a URL on the Yodeck website:

Using the same setup and hardware as outlined in this URL, I keep getting video corruption on screen (video tearing, blockiness etc)....basically only the approx top half of the screen displays correctly, but the bottom half is unreadable.....see screenshots at end of this post.

It has been quite a while (due to Covid19) since we have had to push a UDP multicast to any of our Yodeck units.....but this used to work fine, and since the last time we successfully did this nothing has changed on our network....the hardware is the same, the network infrastructure is the same. 

I should also mention, I can play the same UDP multicast on a PC using VLC without any problems. 

I am at a loss as to what the problem is.....I was just wondering if anyone reading this might know if something has changed in the last year or so (possibly longer) with the Yodeck OS image (perhaps an update/patch etc) that might be causing this? 

Or might there be some other reason I am missing?

I would be grateful for any help/advice...screenshots below

Thanks in advance.