Problems in a 9 screeen setup

Problems in a 9 screeen setup

Today I tried to test and deploy a semi-complex installation.

INfo about my setup:
- running 9 monitors
- each monitor has a looping video 
- eact unit was based on a pi 3 a+ (wifi only), this was obviously the big mistake, but it was client who imposed

I setup everything using a pi 3 B+ and an ethernet cable. Everything is working properly, but when I deploy them, almost all of them lost the connection, and their video. 

I thought yodeck players would have looped the video even without the internet connection, my bad. 

Two questions:
1) will the possibility of working offline will be optionally added in the future? 
2) can I have my money back since I0m using 3 screen out of 9?

thanks for the wonderful tool, I assume it's a killer app in an ethernet scenario, and I'll definety add this in my arsenal. 

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