New Custom Weather App based on NWS data

New Custom Weather App based on NWS data

We had been using the default weather app (based on OpenWeather) since February. It was ... fine. Really slow to load, sometimes with several seconds of dead air or broken display layout. But it looked good enough and produced reliable weather.

Then a couple weeks ago the OpenWeather data started giving us forecasts that were off by about 20 degrees (F). In short, it was worse than useless, and I had to remove it.

I really missed the weather screens, so I went to the trouble of recreating our old layout using National Weather Service data

The nice thing is it seems to load almost instantly. However, this is still a pretty rough project. So I added a few configuration options so anyone can set it for their own location and uploaded to GitHub so others can use it and hopefully contribute back to refine it more:

If you try this, be aware the Preview option for the YoDeck Layouts doesn't seem to properly call the init_widget() function for these apps, so it won't load your data until you try it on a real monitor/player. Also, of course the NWS is a US Government service, so it's only useful for US-based customers.