Multiple Items Scheduled at the same time on the same Monitor

Multiple Items Scheduled at the same time on the same Monitor

Update: this is on me... it looks like the test monitor I'm working with is set for the wrong time zone. I need to play with this some more, but it's the weekend. So it might be a case of "nothing to see here", but I won't know until next week (I do see the transparent ticker isn't working... it's forcing a black background instead). I'm gonna leave this here for the moment so I don't need to retype everything, but I'll delete it if my testing works out next week.


What happens if there are multiple items scheduled for the same time on the same monitor?

For example, we have a default schedule, but we also have a monitor in a theater space, where it would be convenient for the theater manager to be able to duplicate the current schedule, and then add an event-specific item for during the event without needing to also adjust the rest of the schedule: use the drag and drop of the schedule elements so his new item gets priority and sits over top of other things during that time window. However, so far in testing, this does not happen.

Another way we'd like to use this is for a new ticker element in it's own separate layout, with everything but the ticker pushed to the bottom. Then we can have a normal playlist, including elements with a number of different layouts, scheduled for the same time as the ticker, and if the ticker is set on top everything will be correct. Right now, the only way I've seen to do this is to re-add the ticker to the other layouts, and even then going between different layouts resets it, making it impossible to use a ticker in any reasonably detailed environment.

Another example that seems like it should work it to schedule a playlist to a monitor to run for several days: maybe a whole week (or longer), without having to worry about repeating anything every day, and then setting a separate item on the schedule to turn off the monitor overnight, where only this item needs to repeat. This would be much easier for my less-technical users to get right. But again: in testing it doesn't seem to happen.

How else could we accomplish these things, or is there something else I'm missing to make it work as intended? And if this doesn't work, what is the purpose of the ability to use drag and drop to re-order items in the schedule?