Easily switch content on matrix setups

Easily switch content on matrix setups

Hi team, we have a video wall setup with fifteen screens (five rows of three screens in landscape mode) and would like an easy way to save content assignments to the fifteen.

Some use case examples:
- A "preset" in which each screen loads a particular layout (i.e. screen 1 -> layout 1)
- Another "preset" in which each screen operates in a video wall configuration (i.e. as described here: https://www.yodeck.com/docs/how-to-articles/create-a-video-wall/ with the matrix setup / cropping - which works well).

In order to do this at the moment we need to set the default content on each screen (i.e. make fifteen individual changes) and that takes a while. Is this something that's possible? One option (if it were made possible) would be to perhaps treat the whole fifteen screens as an enormous canvas (11,520 x 10,800) and somehow apply content to it.

Would love your thoughts. Yodeck works excellently when we have just one multi-screen config, but if we want to switch it's painful.